10 hacks for street shopping


Sure, strolling in an air-conditioned mall with Starbucks in one hand and your purse in another makes you feel good. Online shopping even saves effort to go to the mall and trying the outfits. All the brands you find under one roof definitely saves time but, there is some different kind of pleasure I get while street shopping. 😛


When you walk down that fashion street in Mumbai or chatuchak market in Bangkok, street bursting with people, all the shops/vendors lined up, buyers bargaining for the best price they could get, is a very different kind of experience.

I have been a street-shopper for quite a while now and here are few tips I am going to share with you guys. 🙂

  • Check out from locals/ ask you friends/ Google the names before going: The best way to find out about the best shop on that street. Also, only if you have all the information prior, will you save time and are likely to find that weird name of the street easily.
  • Cash is your best friend: Always carry cash since it’s the best way when you have to pay in small amounts. Also, the ATMs in shopping areas are likely to be crowded. You would want to save extra time looking for that cute top rather than standing in ATM queues.
  • Look out for trendy pieces: This is just my rule, not universal. 😛 I prefer to buy classic pieces from reputed brands. In this case, the distressed denims and heels are from Forever 21. It makes sense to pick up trendy pieces from street shops. You are not sure how long that particular trend lasts or will that nude cami even look good on me so, it made sense to spend only INR 250/- on this boho cami. Quite a steal right ? 😉
  • Accessories make the best souvenirs: Oh, this is something I totally live by! The bracelets I am wearing are collected for over 7 years. Bought from Goa, Ladakh, Jaipur, Thailand & South Africa. Every time I wear them, memories from those travels make them even more special. 🙂
  • Stay hungry, stay foolish: Never go shopping on an empty stomach. It plays havoc on your decision making skills. When your tummy is happy, you are likely to make smart choices. Listen to your gut, they say. Also, you will need energy when you have to walk for hours on that street, from one shop to another. So, have a snack before, relieve yourself, since it’s difficult to find washrooms and carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: This is a no brainer, seriously! Its comfortable to walk in those sneakers than heels. And they look very stylish too.
  • Consider tailoring: If you have found that perfect dress you have been searching for but in a size bigger, don’t hesitate to buy it. After all, alteration is possible.
  • Ask for a bargain: Street shopping is not complete without a good bargain! Bargain in a friendly way, try to avoid harsh words and you will get a good deal. This red sling was priced at INR 800/- but with friendly bargaining skills, I managed to get 2 of them for only INR 900/- .
  • Buy and wear in a different city: This nude cami I am wearing here, was available in many colors, in many shops of fashion street, Mumbai. So the smart idea was to buy and wear it here in Bangalore. And I did get many compliments, so yay! Similarly, I shop from commercial street here and wear when I am in Ahmedabad. 😛

Now, this is the last and the most important one…… !!

  • Ignore the ones you love the most: Oh no, I am not talking about your loved ones here. You have just laid your eyes on that red bardot dress you have been looking for over weeks, you just got excited and jumped with joy, asked the shopkeeper for the price. Now, he is not stupid. He will quote the price slightly higher, just because he knows your are interested. Yes, that happens! So don’t get all excited and ask calmly for the price, and you will be happy few moments later. 😀

That’s it ladies, I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any questions, in the comments below. 🙂 Happy Shopping!!!













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