17 thoughts for the year 2017

Happy 2017 you all…. A new year brings endless possibilities and I am so looking forward to 2017. I have had a bumpy 2016, but it’s all in the past. Here are the things I learned in 2016 and will be taking with me this year…!! And I am pinning down all of my favorite outfits of 2016!

1-  You never know until you try: I always always believed in this. Be it trying out yoga, getting a bike or even starting a blog. Once you do it you will wish you had done it sooner!

2-  Red is MY color: Not gonna lie, the responses I get every time I upload a red outfit on my Instagram has only made me realize this! Before The Red Lip Rover happened, red was just another color but now I do agree that it is MY color.

3-  Never under estimate the power of exercise and a healthy diet: The results will speak for itself.

4-  I cannot live without a bike: I had a love-hate relationship with my Enfield so, after much contemplation, I sold it. And now it feels like something is missing in my life. Need.to.buy.a.bike.soon. #TheUniverse, I do believe in you.

5-  Always be nice to people : This, I am still learning. Damn you PMS !!

6-  Invest in a few good friends: I have always been a kind of girl who has only a handful of good friends rather than too many. And they are the ones who are with me not only in happiness but also in the difficult times. So when you find yours, hold on to them and do not let them go.

7-  Give time some time: This is a note to myself. Life is tough, so when things get difficult, don’t loose hope and just wait. It’s just a bad phase, it will pass.

8- Love is everything: When you find that one person you will be know why.

9- Save, save and save: This, Rohitt taught me. Last year when I was going through a tough time, it was my savings that helped me not loose my cool and I was still at peace. Well, almost!

10- Family over everything: Because they are the ones with you always, no matter what.

11-  Never leave your loved ones unattended: Chances are they will curl up next to you and you will wake up with drool on your face.

12- Do no harm, take no harm: Never ever ever let anyone put you down and always lift up those around you. We have only one life and we should live in peace and co-exist.

13- Bucket lists are stupid, goals are real: I don’t have a list, instead I have goals. And I want to accomplish them. My goal for this year is to set up a YouTube channel, what’s yours ?

14- Don’t take life so seriously, its not like you are going to get out alive: A little fun along the way never hurt anyone.

15- Turning 30 is awesome: You are not as clueless like you were in your 20’s and have accepted your weird-self just the way you are. You stop worrying about the stupid things, can smell a fake friendship a mile away and your home finally feels like a home and not like a dorm!

16-Forget what others think, do your own thing: Because in the end, it’s you that counts and everything else is irrelevant. If you are happy, just do it.

17-  Saree is the sexiest piece of clothing you can ever own: Scroll down for the proof.


Photography: Rohitt Sekaar

I hope you liked it. Do let me know which one is your favorite in the comment box below. Until next time…



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