Being a blogger, I am always clicking pictures, selfies, updating my social media and taking calls, emails. Which means I am always with my phone. I’m also constantly scouting for new locations for my photo shoots. Surprisingly, most places in Bangalore do not allow photo shoots. You can click the same frame with your phone and not the camera, weird right..?? And when you have to cancel the shoot only because of this, it’s another nightmare…! This was the main reason that I wanted to get a new phone with which I can click some crisp pictures. So, when I got this Coolpad Cool1 phone, I knew this was the one I was looking for.  Coolpad Cool1 comes in two colors, silver and gold. These days I am obsessed with silver hues so I got the silver one. The phone is sleek, lightweight, has 32 GB memory, fingerprint scanner and some really amazing features !

The main thing I loved in this phone is the Camera. The Coolpad Cool1 has a dual 13MP camera with an f/2.0 aperture each, phase detection auto-focus (PDAF) and a dual-LED flash. The front camera is 8MP with an f/2.2 aperture. I have clicked some amazing pictures using this phone, which deserves another post. Stay tuned for that! And you will be shocked to see that the pictures clicked with this phone, are blog post worthy.

When you have 2 sim cards and you have been carrying 2 phones all these months, you know life isn’t easy. You forget to carry one phone sometimes or you cute little bag cannot fit both the phones together. It is then, at that moment, you think of a solution, which is nothing but get a phone with Dual Sim Technology. And once you get it you realize, I wish I had got it sooner.

This particular phone has a Reverse Charging Feature. Which means it has a dual direction USB type-c which charges your phone at lightning speeds & also makes your phone a power-bank when you need one. Isn’t that amazing ?

Raise your hands if you love clicking selfies, if you are reading this sitting in your office then nod your head instead. Coolpad Cool1 has 8mp front camera which, comes with an auto Beauty Mode, which adapts to your facial expression to capture the perfect selfie. Beauty mode smooth-ens the skin, blurs the lines, pores, marks and makes your face look more radiant in the pictures. Which means you will look like you have got your perfect dose of beauty sleep every time, even if you didn’t..!!

The phone is small enough to fit in all my handbags and big enough to watch a movie in. The 5.5 inch screen size is perfect for even typing mails. And if you are a clumsy one, like me, then you will be happy to know that it has gorilla glass protection.

I left home in the morning for a shoot and when I was back after a day full of running errands, meetings, constant Instagram stories, phone calls, watching YouTube videos, the battery was still way more than half.  If I have to describe the battery life of this Coolpad Cool1 in four words, lasts more than forever. Because it has 4000 mah battery which offers a stunning stand-by time of 450 hours, 120 hours of music or 40 hours of movie playback. Now binge watching YouTube videos will not kill the phone.

Thank you Coolpad Cool1 for sending the phone. I really liked the phone and loved using every bit of it. It even went perfectly with my trench coat and fishnet stockings combo.

If you need more information then, you can check out their website HERE. The phone is available in store or you can even get yours on Amazon.

Also, since Honor 6x is very similar to Cool1, I am going to do a mini-comparison between Coolpad Cool1 & Honor 6x for you guys.

  • Though they are similar, when it comes to their software, Cool1 has an advanced processor.
  • Both of them come with dual camera technology. However, Cool1 gives you clearer distant shots as well as clearer macro pictures.
  • The battery life is better in Cool1. Another point for that..!!
  • Cool1 has C-type reverse charging technology while Honor 6x still continues to be with micro USB cable.
  • The only part where Cool1 gives a point to Honor 6x is, it has 4+32GB non expandable memory. And Honor 6x comes with 4+64GB and expandable memory.
  • Price for Cool1 is INR 13,999/- while Honor 6X retails for INR 15,999/-.

That’s it guys. Do let me know what you think about this phone, the comparison or even my outfit in the comment section below.









Let’s just make dressing a little bit fun this time. If you love to get dressed in highly comfortable & trendy designer kurtis, you would love to play with this weave. Women who own a huge ensemble of these kurtis must know about the various types of kurti and their unique style statements. So how you decide what to wear when??? Isn’t it a tedious task to choose a single kurti from the number of them varying in style & pattern??? Let’s make it easy & quirky for you. There are seven days in a week, so try seven different types of kurti matching the vibes & aura of a particular day. What say?! This way you can make it totally hassle free and also flaunt your sassy style statement. Go for it, girl!

Straight Kurti for Monday

Kill Monday blues with bold & striking appeal of straight kurtis!!!

This is the perfect call for working ladies. We all know about the feelings we get on this day. So, it’s better to keep it straight and subtle with stunning straight kurtis. Peep into online kurtis to get the one!

Jacket Style Kurti for Tuesday

Tuesday folks love to stay trendy & fashionable. That is why, jacket style kurtis are your ultimate pick to make heads turn around. Pick either already stitched jacket kurti or add a sassy jacket to your ensemble to look bold and beautiful.

Long Anarkali Kurti for Wednesday

Since it’s almost mid of the week, why don’t we make it more classic & feminine?!

Anarkali kurtis are one of the oldest types of this ethnic staple and forever enchanting due to their charming and captivating appeal. Grab these designer kurtis to be a Wednesday girl!!!

Tulip Cut Kurti for Thursday

Yay! As the half week is passed now, why don’t you go for something bold & appealing???

Tulip kurtis are for those fashion loving buddies who love to stay intact with roots but with a slight pinch of sassy western trends. The hemline of these kurtis will rock your Thursday like never before.

Indo Western Kurti for Friday

Friday being the most fave of every working person deserve extra fashionable doze. It’s time to express your love for the day by donning into ravishing Indo western kurtis. Check out online kurtis to grab the latest designs & colours of these drapes.

Frock Style Kurti for Saturday

The lovely day deserves a lovely and cute outfit. Frock style kurtis are perfect to go with the soothing vibes of Saturday. Try pop and bright colours in floral prints to make the most of your weekend & become the fashion icon of your clan. Can you do that???

Listen to your mood on Sunday

No rules for Sunday as they never were!

Sunday is your day & you have lot of time to stand in front of your wardrobe and select an outfit. Take a kurti which was not there in whole week & don it like a pro. Be beautiful and dazzling with your ravishing style & call it a statement!!!




*The content and images are provided by a brand for collaboration, I do not own the same.



Hello there,

Much to my surprise, I am enjoying writing reviews of make up and beauty products. 😀 You don’t know what you can do, until you try it. So, as and when I come across a good product, I will be reviewing them here.
Today the spotlight is on this gorgeous highlighter palette from Makeup Revolution. I have been totally digging Makeup Revolution products lately. Makeup Revolution was started in just 2014 and they have amazing good quality makeup products at very reasonable prices. 🙂

I already own their eye shadows and blush palettes, which are really nice. So when my colorbar highlighter was over, I decided to pick up one from Makeup Revolution. In general I always prefer palettes over single pan, only because it has better value for money and you have more options to choose from.

Price & Packaging:
Comes in 2 palettes Radiance and Highlight.  Each costing INR 1750/-, with 3 shades of highlighters in each. I have the palette ‘Radiance‘. The highlighters come in a sleek black sturdy case which looks nice and feels rather luxurious.
Pigmentation and Longevity:
You get three beautiful highlighter shades in it. First one is ‘Breathe‘- beautiful champagne color, second one is ‘Exhale‘- slightly cool toned silverish and third is ‘Glow‘ – a warm bronzy-gold shade highlighter. All are beautifully pigmented and do not feel chalky or hard at all. I have normal-combination skin and they lasted a whole day on my face without major fading. The highlighters give a very soft, sultry & luminous look and are more natural day time highlighters. So if you are in-your-face kind of highlighter person, you can pick up their vivid shimmer highlighter instead.
Shades & Swatches :


This champagne shade is my favorite and it looks very natural on my NC37 skin. I use it when I am aiming for that very natural soft glow.


This shade would work beautifully for lighter skin tone. Since it is little pale for my skin, I love to use it on my inner eye corners.

As the name suggests, it gives luminous glow to my skin. I feel that this one looks best with Indian clothes & gold jewelry.  This shade would be the best choice when you are aiming for that bronzed look.
Pros :
  • Very sturdy & luxurious packaging
  • Comes with a huge mirror
  • Three gorgeous shades of highlighters
  • Non-glittery and soft texture
  • Natural day time highlighters
  • Easy to blend
  • Suits most Indian skin tones
  • Affordable & value for money
  • Not for those who want in-your-face highlighter
  • A little bit of layering required
TRLR Rating:/5

This palette is available on all major online stores. I got mine from Nykaa. Since I loved this palette so much, I picked up their vivid highlighter, a shimmer brick as well. Let me know if you want me to review that one as well.




Hey there,

I hope everyone has started their new year with some goals. A new year brings so much to us, a new hope, a fresh start or even a new hobby. Mine is to set up a Youtube channel, yay! I am doing up my room and then I will start filming videos. The channel is going to be about fashion, fitness, beauty and much more. I cannot tell you how excited I am…!!! Wish me luck.

Coming back to the post……

This was another dress that I rented from Flyrobe. The previous posts are HERE and HERE. For the third look I went for a floral maxi dress. Since I wanted to create a bohochic vibe, this floral piece was just perfect for it. The material is light and flow-y and I loved the bright color, perfect for a beach vacation I’d say. I had never worn  head gear so I tried it and the bangles are same ones I wore HERE. Brown gladiator sandals and a nose pin to finish the look and then I tied the hair in a not so attractive messy bun. Another goal for this year is to learn how to tie a nice messy bun. Well, let’s see how it goes……


Outfit Courtesy: Flyrobe

Shoes: Forever 21

Jewelry: Thrifted

Photography Courtesy: Rohitt Sekaar




Happy 2017 you all…. A new year brings endless possibilities and I am so looking forward to 2017. I have had a bumpy 2016, but it’s all in the past. Here are the things I learned in 2016 and will be taking with me this year…!! And I am pinning down all of my favorite outfits of 2016!

1-  You never know until you try: I always always believed in this. Be it trying out yoga, getting a bike or even starting a blog. Once you do it you will wish you had done it sooner!

2-  Red is MY color: Not gonna lie, the responses I get every time I upload a red outfit on my Instagram has only made me realize this! Before The Red Lip Rover happened, red was just another color but now I do agree that it is MY color.

3-  Never under estimate the power of exercise and a healthy diet: The results will speak for itself.

4-  I cannot live without a bike: I had a love-hate relationship with my Enfield so, after much contemplation, I sold it. And now it feels like something is missing in my life. #TheUniverse, I do believe in you.

5-  Always be nice to people : This, I am still learning. Damn you PMS !!

6-  Invest in a few good friends: I have always been a kind of girl who has only a handful of good friends rather than too many. And they are the ones who are with me not only in happiness but also in the difficult times. So when you find yours, hold on to them and do not let them go.

7-  Give time some time: This is a note to myself. Life is tough, so when things get difficult, don’t loose hope and just wait. It’s just a bad phase, it will pass.

8- Love is everything: When you find that one person you will be know why.

9- Save, save and save: This, Rohitt taught me. Last year when I was going through a tough time, it was my savings that helped me not loose my cool and I was still at peace. Well, almost!

10- Family over everything: Because they are the ones with you always, no matter what.

11-  Never leave your loved ones unattended: Chances are they will curl up next to you and you will wake up with drool on your face.

12- Do no harm, take no harm: Never ever ever let anyone put you down and always lift up those around you. We have only one life and we should live in peace and co-exist.

13- Bucket lists are stupid, goals are real: I don’t have a list, instead I have goals. And I want to accomplish them. My goal for this year is to set up a YouTube channel, what’s yours ?

14- Don’t take life so seriously, its not like you are going to get out alive: A little fun along the way never hurt anyone.

15- Turning 30 is awesome: You are not as clueless like you were in your 20’s and have accepted your weird-self just the way you are. You stop worrying about the stupid things, can smell a fake friendship a mile away and your home finally feels like a home and not like a dorm!

16-Forget what others think, do your own thing: Because in the end, it’s you that counts and everything else is irrelevant. If you are happy, just do it.

17-  Saree is the sexiest piece of clothing you can ever own: Scroll down for the proof.


Photography: Rohitt Sekaar

I hope you liked it. Do let me know which one is your favorite in the comment box below. Until next time…