Be Unstoppable with new whisper #UltraSoft

If you guys know me then you know how much I love working out and traveling. Ever since I was a kid I have been physically active. From playing hockey in school to swimming, running, dancing and now lifting weights, I love anything which makes me sweat. I always make sure to wear comfortable workout gear and shoes.

Same goes for the travel. When I have to catch flights at odd hours, wait at the airport for long overlays, walk from one end of the airport to another to find some vegetarian food, everything is possible when I have my comfortable track pants on.

Even on ‘those’ days I can still do all of that because  New Whisper Ultra Soft  provides superior ‘comfort’.

About New Whisper Ultra Soft:
  • 2X softer that feels extra gentle to skin
  • has special soft pores that drive liquid to the core where it is locked
  • has longer length with wider back for long lasting performance

The New Whisper Ultra Soft (pack of 7 pads) is priced at Rs. 64 and is available in all leading stores. I have used them and here is what I think about it.

My experience with New Whisper Ultra Soft:
  • Easy to carry around in my handbag
  • They DO feel softer because of top cottony sheet
  • They are longer and wider which provided more coverage hence, no leakage
  • Very thin and kept me dry for longer duration
  • I love the pretty pink color

TRLR Rating:/5

So girls, don’t let the periods hold you back. Go and chase yous dreams. Be comfortable and truly unstoppable.





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