If you are visiting Coron, Philippines, do not miss this. The Island escapade tour is one of its kind, ‘relaxing’ and ‘luxurious’, 3 island hopping compared to the ”Coron island tour” where there is lot of swimming and snorkeling involved. To give you an idea of both, the Coron island tour would be more preferred by those adventurers. And this one can be right up your alley if you love beach bumming in the turquoise water and stunning picturesque nature, while sipping yummy tender coconut.

The drill was the same, for all the island trips. Once our booking was confirmed, they picked us up in the morning in a van and dropped off at the jetty.

Along with 15 other people, the captain gave us instructions and the boat took off. Since there were only 3 islands for this trip, we got good amount of time to enjoy and explore all the islands.

Bulog Dos Isand

After a gorgeous 1.5 hour boat ride, the first stop was the Bulog Dos Island. White sandy beaches, clear blue sky and turquoise  water, this is the view I would never ever get tired of. We docked our boat and began exploring the island. The thing I loved about these islands was, each of them had a different character.  So, no matter how many island tours you go to, each place will be different. This Bulog Dos island had white sandy beach and unique rock formations which gave it very unique character. There was a Two Seasons resort, which you could easily spot form the beach but you cannot go beyond a hill.

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Levitate 🔆

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Banana Island

The next stop was just after a 10 minute boat ride, long & white sandy, Banana Island. There are some cottages if you like to stay there overnight. There are lot of hammocks and huts also where you can rest and spend some time. By the time we finished exploring the island, it was almost noon and we were hungry. Lunch again, was carried/cooked on the boat, the captain and his crew happily set up a buffet table for us. We bonded over lunch with all the other people of our boat and it was amazing listening to everyone’s story. After lunch I found myself a throne in the middle of the beach and I decided to settle there.

Malcapuya Island

Since these three islands are close to each other, it generally takes 10-15 minutes boat ride to reach. So the third and final stop was, Malcapuya beach. Ah, what a sight it was..! This beach was way longer than the other two and had a completely different vibe. The water was so inviting, I could not stop myself from jumping in. Along with white sand and crystal turquoise water, it had a series of coconut trees as well as some very curved-fallen-half uprooted tree branches. Each and every branch could make a perfect post card. While Rohitt got his post cards, even I got mine, on a fallen coconut tree trunk..!


After spending the whole day at the gorgeous beaches, we were dropped off at our hotel by 5:00 pm and we still had the entire evening to us. Since we were tired, we chilled at the hotel for some time, went out for dinner and planned the adventure for the next day……




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Hi Guys,

After ages and ages, I have yet another post on Philippines.  I promise, I’ll try my best to be regular if Rohitt gives me pictures on time.  So, let’s rewind a little, shall we ?

After leaving from Bangalore on the 23rd night, we reached Manila the next day. Since it has one of the finest harbor in the country, we chose a hotel which was closer to Manila Bay. We strolled around our hotel, exchanged the currency and headed towards Bay walk, because Rohitt wanted to take some pictures. After spending few hours, he managed to get the most gorgeous picture..

Reflections at Manila Bay Walk

The following morning we took a 2 hour flight to Busuanga airport. Then a 45 mins bus ride later, we were at our beautiful hotel in Coron, Vela Terraces. The weather was quite hot and we were greeted with chilled Pineapple juice which I still think was the best juice I’ve ever had. We then strolled around the quaint little town with narrow streets and booked the Island hopping trips with Calamian Islands Travel & Tours. The next day our adventure began ,

Airport OOTD

The best Pineapple Juice, Ever !

Planning in progress

Kayangan Lake

We were up early, had our breakfast and then were picked up by 8 am. After reaching the jetty we got into a boat with 15 other people. Our guide gave us some instructions, and our snorkeling gear. We started & our first spot was Kayangan Lake. I really can’t describe how beautiful the journey was. The blue water, clear sky with sun shining above, there is no greater feeling..! Now, to reach the lake, you have to first climb a mountain, literally..! ( I mean it’s just 20-30 min hike) And then, you have to climb down that mountain and on the other side, you will see the Kayangan lake. The water there is 70% fresh water & 30% salt water. It is the most clean, beautiful and crystal blue lake and from the wooden boardwalk only you can see underwater rock formation. All we did was swim in that water. We were told that there is a small cave in the lake, so If you can free dive, you would be able to experience that too!

View of the ‘parking spot’ from the mountain

Kayangan Lake

Twin Lagoons

Sadly, I had forgotten my waterproof mobile cover at the hotel and could not click any pictures. The boats would stop in the first lagoon, you’ll have to first jump into the water and through the secret entrance you would reach the second lagoon. The entrance is nothing but a small opening in the limestone so you have to swim to reach. And when you enter the second lagoon, you will the lime rock formations you have never seen before. Tall and years old lime rock formations, emerald green crystal clear water is what will make you realize how beautiful the nature is..! The lagoon is quite big and you will have to swim through it to experience it’s beauty but, don’t worry, they will provide you a life jacket so you can easily float. And if you can’t swim with the jacket like Rohitt, your lovely wife will drag you along, while swimming around the lagoon, so that you do not miss it. But be nice and thank her later because, swimming for an hour while dragging another human being gets quite exhausting..!

Beach 91

A small beautiful beach which was the best ‘Lunch Spot’. The food is a dream come true for non-vegetarians with a huge spread of fresh meat & sea food and yummy watermelons. If you are a vegetarian, you will have to only survive on fruits or plain rice.

Skeleton Wreck

It is famous for scuba diving. But we could see the wreck while snorkeling since it was not very deep.

Marine Park

By this point, most of the travelers were exhausted. Since I had taken an oath to jump into every water body possible, I and another lovely couple, jumped in the water, again! I am not exaggerating but, it turned out to be one of the best snorkeling experience..!

CYC Beach

We had to skip it because it was getting late. On our way back, we were served yummy caramelized sweet potatoes which our guides had grilled on the boat.

That was it for day one in Coron. We reached back at our hotel by 5:30 pm and we had an entire evening to our selves which we spent walking around in the town and finding a good restaurant which served vegetarian food.

Tricycle – Filipino transport

I hope you guys liked this kind of post. Let me know what you think about it in the comments box below.





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Coron, you were amazing 😍 off to next destination – El Nido 🌊

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Philippines….. Stunning white beaches, crystal blue water, friendly locals, Mesmerizing sunrises &

sunsets , it’s a traveler’s paradise. Plus a bonus if you love spending your days in bare minimum clothes!

We have spent 2 weeks in this heaven, loved every bit of it and honestly, I would love to go back and

explore more. Here is our itinerary, experience, thing’s to do, what to pack, and some tips for traveling.

Because #ItsMoreFunInPhilippines 💛

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Philippines in general

Philippines is a group of more than 7000 islands located between the South-East Asia. That means, if you

were going to spend a day on each island, it would take you 20 years! English is spoken widely and

people are very friendly. Manila is the capital and Pesos is their currency. Indians need to get the visa

done on prior. There are a few International airports and Manila &  Cebu will be the best choice from

India because they are well connected.

When to travel

Philippines has only two seasons, wet & dry.  Late November till May is the dry season and rest of the year it’s wet. Since it’s a place with amazing beaches, choosing to go in the dry season would be wise. We went there on 24th February till 10th march and it was the perfect weather..!!

I could get used to this ✈️

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Our 2 week itinerary

When there are thousands of islands, it is a tough call to decide which ones to choose. Since we had only 2 weeks & wanted to explore the untouched islands & empty beaches, we chose Palawan over the most-popular tourist destination Boracay. The capital Manila and Cebu has the most well connected flights from across the world. We chose Manila because, it was closer to Palawan.   Here is what our 2 week itinerary looked like :

Bon voyage ⚓️

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Day 1 : Flew to Manila from Bangalore with a layover at Kuala Lumpur

Day 2: Reached Manila and spent the night there

Day 3: Two hour morning Flight to Busuanga and then 45 minutes bus journey to Coron. Checked in to our hotel, Vela Terraces.

Day 4: Island hopping began. Took the Coron Island Tour.

Day 5: Island Escapade tour

Day 6: Explored the Island on our rented scooter

Day 7: Left Coron in a ferry(4:30 hours duration) to El-Nido. Reached El-Nido in the evening.

Day 8: Island hopping tour A

Day 9: Trek to the falls, Nagpan beach & Duli beach

Day 10: Marimegmeg beach & Las cabanas beach

Day 11: Marimegmeg beach & Las cabanas beach

Day 12: 6 hours van journey from El-nido to Puerto Princesa. Reached in the evening to our Microtel Hotel.

Day 13: Relaxed at the Hotel & beach

Day 13: We were supposed to go to the Underground river tour but, we cancelled and spent the day at the Hotel & beach, again..!

Day 14: Left Philippines in the morning and reached Bangalore at mid-night.

What to Pack

Loads of bikinis, shorts & sunscreen…! You will survive the whole trip with just these two. But its better to carry some add ons like t-shirts, sunglasses, hats & caps,  maxi dresses for chilled out beach days, flowy dresses, shirt dresses, comfortable travel outfits with a jacket for flights, aloe vera gel for after sun.

Thing’s to do

From an extreme adventurer to a beach bummer, Philippines will make everyone happy. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that, you must love water if you want to enjoy Philippines to the fullest..! You can do snorkeling, kayaking, scuba dive, free-dive, surfing, kite-surfing, Island hopping, beach bumming, swimming in the lagoons.. the list can go on…. Take your pick and you will love each & every gorgeous thing Philippines has to offer. Apart from diving & surfing, we tried everything and loved every bit of it.

Of Lagoons and tanned back

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Wait, it doesn’t end here.  If you came here looking for some exotic pictures, keep an eye for the next set of posts..! I am sure it’ll be worth it.





While I prefer to keep my personal life ‘private’, once in a while, it’s good to break that rule. 🙂 Today is that day and I am going to share a personal story, So read on….

Many of you know that I am married but, not all of you know that it’s been 4 and a half years now. And this story is of one of our anniversaries. 🙂

In most couple it usually happens that the boy forgets the dates. But, the situation between the two of us is slightly different. As in, he is the one who remembers all the important dates. He even reminds me my friends’ birthdays. Yes, I love that quality in him. 😛

So, on one anniversary we were traveling to the Andamans. Tickets booked, hotels booked and we were set for our week long dose of sun, sea and salt! We reached, checked in to our hotel and were off to explore the islands. The first surprise I got was that he had enrolled us into a scuba diving course. 😀 Some people love luxury trips, some backpacking, for us it’s the adventure that gets us going.

I cannot forget the feeling of the first day when we jumped into the ocean, wearing wet suits and oxygen tanks. Heart beats faster, breaths get longer and deeper and I felt like I was jumping into infinity. It was quite scary and thrilling at the same time..!! But when you are underwater, there is certain kind of silence and calmness you feel. The world you see there is a different kind of experience altogether!

The last day of the course happened to be on our anniversary, which made it even more special. We spent the whole day underwater and after that dive and an exam later, we were certified open water divers. 🙂 We decided to celebrate it with a few cocktails and I went to the room to get dressed for the evening. When I entered, I saw a gift box on the table, with some flowers and a card saying ‘Happy Anniversary Sweetheart’. As I opened the box, there were a pair of beautiful diamond earrings which Rohith had got for me. We had a candlelight dinner at the beach and it was the perfect end to the perfect day…



The girl and her love for diamonds is forever. As cliche’ as it sounds, I felt really special when received those beautiful earrings. So if you also want to make your loved one feel special, here is your chance.  So check out the beautiful collection by Malabar Gold and Diamonds and surprise her.

Here is the link to their website : malabargoldanddiamonds.com

Also, watch this video by Malabar Gold and Diamonds of #KareenasAnniversarySurprise . 🙂





Goa…. The first things that come to my mind is, sun & sea. Those beautiful beaches, bright colored cocktails, a tan and gorgeous sunsets, make not only the perfect holiday but also the best Instagram worthy pictures. So, if you are planning to take a trip to Goa , I am here to help you a little. 🙂

Here it is, one of the first Ibis Styles Resort in Goa. Conveniently located in the heart of the North Goa, just 4 min from Calangute beach, 2 min from St. Anthony’s chapel and few minutes from all the best places of Goa, offers you a vacation of a lifetime. I mean, look at the the picture below….. Gorgeous isn’t it..??



The resort has rooms with pool views with private balcony with sit-out, multi-cuisine restaurant and a bar. Extend your stay in Goa with their longest free breakfast & free WiFi. A swim in the outdoor pool will be a refreshing start of your break. Capture underwater moments with their Go Pro Cameras or take a free bicycle ride. Explore true meaning of comfort in North Goa with ibis Styles!


Comfy modern room for a relaxing stay is just the beginning. Visit their fitness center and relax with massage chairs after a fun filled day. Try your skills at Football, Table Tennis, Pool activities while  young guests enjoy at Kids corner. The multi-cuisine restaurant ‘SPICE IT’ is an all day dining restaurant which not only serves international buffet breakfast but a la carte options for the rest of the day as well. The bar called the ‘HUB’ offers variety of creative cocktails and an extensive wine list making it perfect to unwind after a beautiful day. Planning a business meeting or a conference? They have two meeting rooms with high speed internet access and overhead projectors.


Book here : Ibis Styles Resort

Or here : Accor Hotels

If you don’t have any travel plans yet then, Check out this amazing video for some interesting ideas. 🙂