Color Me Floral ft Flyrobe


Hey there,

I hope everyone has started their new year with some goals. A new year brings so much to us, a new hope, a fresh start or even a new hobby. Mine is to set up a Youtube channel, yay! I am doing up my room and then I will start filming videos. The channel is going to be about fashion, fitness, beauty and much more. I cannot tell you how excited I am…!!! Wish me luck.

Coming back to the post……

This was another dress that I rented from Flyrobe. The previous posts are HERE and HERE. For the third look I went for a floral maxi dress. Since I wanted to create a bohochic vibe, this floral piece was just perfect for it. The material is light and flow-y and I loved the bright color, perfect for a beach vacation I’d say. I had never worn  head gear so I tried it and the bangles are same ones I wore HERE. Brown gladiator sandals and a nose pin to finish the look and then I tied the hair in a not so attractive messy bun. Another goal for this year is to learn how to tie a nice messy bun. Well, let’s see how it goes……


Outfit Courtesy: Flyrobe

Shoes: Forever 21

Jewelry: Thrifted

Photography Courtesy: Rohitt Sekaar




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