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After ages and ages, I have yet another post on Philippines.  I promise, I’ll try my best to be regular if Rohitt gives me pictures on time.  So, let’s rewind a little, shall we ?

After leaving from Bangalore on the 23rd night, we reached Manila the next day. Since it has one of the finest harbor in the country, we chose a hotel which was closer to Manila Bay. We strolled around our hotel, exchanged the currency and headed towards Bay walk, because Rohitt wanted to take some pictures. After spending few hours, he managed to get the most gorgeous picture..

Reflections at Manila Bay Walk

The following morning we took a 2 hour flight to Busuanga airport. Then a 45 mins bus ride later, we were at our beautiful hotel in Coron, Vela Terraces. The weather was quite hot and we were greeted with chilled Pineapple juice which I still think was the best juice I’ve ever had. We then strolled around the quaint little town with narrow streets and booked the Island hopping trips with Calamian Islands Travel & Tours. The next day our adventure began ,

Airport OOTD

The best Pineapple Juice, Ever !

Planning in progress

Kayangan Lake

We were up early, had our breakfast and then were picked up by 8 am. After reaching the jetty we got into a boat with 15 other people. Our guide gave us some instructions, and our snorkeling gear. We started & our first spot was Kayangan Lake. I really can’t describe how beautiful the journey was. The blue water, clear sky with sun shining above, there is no greater feeling..! Now, to reach the lake, you have to first climb a mountain, literally..! ( I mean it’s just 20-30 min hike) And then, you have to climb down that mountain and on the other side, you will see the Kayangan lake. The water there is 70% fresh water & 30% salt water. It is the most clean, beautiful and crystal blue lake and from the wooden boardwalk only you can see underwater rock formation. All we did was swim in that water. We were told that there is a small cave in the lake, so If you can free dive, you would be able to experience that too!

View of the ‘parking spot’ from the mountain

Kayangan Lake

Twin Lagoons

Sadly, I had forgotten my waterproof mobile cover at the hotel and could not click any pictures. The boats would stop in the first lagoon, you’ll have to first jump into the water and through the secret entrance you would reach the second lagoon. The entrance is nothing but a small opening in the limestone so you have to swim to reach. And when you enter the second lagoon, you will the lime rock formations you have never seen before. Tall and years old lime rock formations, emerald green crystal clear water is what will make you realize how beautiful the nature is..! The lagoon is quite big and you will have to swim through it to experience it’s beauty but, don’t worry, they will provide you a life jacket so you can easily float. And if you can’t swim with the jacket like Rohitt, your lovely wife will drag you along, while swimming around the lagoon, so that you do not miss it. But be nice and thank her later because, swimming for an hour while dragging another human being gets quite exhausting..!

Beach 91

A small beautiful beach which was the best ‘Lunch Spot’. The food is a dream come true for non-vegetarians with a huge spread of fresh meat & sea food and yummy watermelons. If you are a vegetarian, you will have to only survive on fruits or plain rice.

Skeleton Wreck

It is famous for scuba diving. But we could see the wreck while snorkeling since it was not very deep.

Marine Park

By this point, most of the travelers were exhausted. Since I had taken an oath to jump into every water body possible, I and another lovely couple, jumped in the water, again! I am not exaggerating but, it turned out to be one of the best snorkeling experience..!

CYC Beach

We had to skip it because it was getting late. On our way back, we were served yummy caramelized sweet potatoes which our guides had grilled on the boat.

That was it for day one in Coron. We reached back at our hotel by 5:30 pm and we had an entire evening to our selves which we spent walking around in the town and finding a good restaurant which served vegetarian food.

Tricycle – Filipino transport

I hope you guys liked this kind of post. Let me know what you think about it in the comments box below.





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    Kayagan Lake looks beautiful as well as the bay! You look so good when travelling on a flight, I just look like a mess ahah xx Nikita

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