it’s all about red ’tis season with flyrobe

Hello there,

How are you all doing? The reason my posts are less is because I am still in a holiday mood. Me and Rohitt went to Kutch for the Rann Utsav and then two of my friends got married in Baroda and then I was in Ahmedabad. The road trip was so much fun and the weddings were amazing. I mean, there is nothing like meeting old college friends, visiting same old places that we used to, eating yummy food and of course visiting our college. The best thing about having friends is that you can just pick up from where you left last time.

Now coming back to Bangalore and the post….

The weather is really chilly and it finally feels like December. I love this part of the year when it gets all festive and Christmas-y. All the cafe’s and shops are lit up and decorated. It looks so lovely. 

All of you know how much I love burgundy color , so I had to get this maxi dress from Flyrobe , a fashion renting website. You can read more about them in my earlier post HERE. The color is just perfect for the season.  And I threw on a denim jacket and some silver jewelry to add to that boho vibe to it. As much as I loved all that, I think I need to learn how to make a better hair bun. next time people, next time.





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