Last month I had this amazing opportunity to attend an informative event organized by Axis Bank. It was held at Axis Bank’s thought factory to celebrate the Graduation Day of the first cohort start-ups.


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As you know, Axis bank is India’s third largest private sector bank. In July 2016, Axis Bank launched its flagship accelerator Program for start-ups, the very first Indian Bank to do so.


Thought Factory

The Thought Factory, is Axis Bank’s co-innovation Lab, which is located in the city of Bangalore. The lab was formed with the sole objective of building disruptive banking solutions – #UnimaginedIsUndone’, being the lab’s maxim.

Thought Factory team has collaborated with OCBC & Visa Innovation Lab, Singapore for co-innovating. A Tech Advisory Board comprising of Sharad Sharma (iSpirit), Manish Chokhani (Enam), Vishal Gondal (Founder, GoQii) & Shankar Narayan (Singapore based serial entrepreneur) along with Axis Bank Senior Management form the ThinkTank for Thought Factory together guide the Thought Factory team in various functions.



Since 2016..

Over the past year, Thought Factory has been a major FinTech ecosystem enabler in Bangalore, hosting multiple events, workshops, international visitors and other corporate clients; thereby enhancing industry-start up collaboration.

For the first cohort of its Accelerator Program, Axis Bank’s Think Tank, selected 6 emerging start -ups from an application pool of 108.

Once the start-ups were on board, they were given a structured mentorship program and access to Axis Bank’s Thought Factory office space. Axis Bank’s aim behind the program was to expedite the overall growth of these emerging start-ups along with exploring novel banking ideas with them. The program focused on two areas:

  •  3 months long classroom styled workshops, focusing on Customer, Product and Traction. The zone Start-ups and the Program Managers of the Bank’s Accelerator program facilitated this. Zone Start-ups organized various sessions, meeting with Eco-system gurus and investors.
  • A tactical Proof-Of- Concept with Axis Bank was enabled by Axis Bank’s Thought Factory team. The POC aided a live validation of start-up’s product idea and its market acceptance.


The event

At the start of the event, Axis Bank Executive Director Rajiv Anand briefed us about the 6 start-ups that were selected for mentoring & funding. He also mentioned that the Axis bank is proud to be the first ever Indian Bank to do so. We then, went on to see the presentations and demo by these start-ups and here they are:


S2Pay – Enabling Offline Mobile Payments

Business Area – Payments

S2Pay forms a layer over payments app and enables the end consumer to make secure offline payments from their mobile app. The technology is especially useful in remote areas where internet data is still a question mark; making digital payments a reality for everyone.

Pally – AI Stack based Chatbot for Investment Advisory

Business Area – Investments
Pally has created a chatbot. Once the user feeds the chatbot with the an image of their salary slip, it creates an investment portfolio which maximizes tax saving for the end customer. The plan is customized for each customer; his details and desired saving plans are queried by an intelligent chat by the bot.

Perpule – Self checkout on mobile app

Business Area – Payments
Perpule’s app lets end customers scan the shopped products from their mobile app, and pay for the billed products using the app once the list is complete. Perpule integrates with retailer’s campaigns, thus automatically applies discounts/offers on the go. Perpule wants to do away the check-out queues, and make shopping fun.

FintechLabs – Analytics in lending

Business Area: Lending
Fintech labs analytical models can be used in digital lending space. With their analytics, they want to digitize lending completely, making it quick, easy but safe and focused.

Paymatrix : Credit in rental space

Business Area: Real Estate, Payments, Credit Cards, Liabilities
Paymatrix is trying to solve the problem of credit involved in Indian rental market via enabling payments to land lords via credit cards. They also help landlords in rent/property management. Paymatrix is trying to reduce the commotion in field on Indian rentals and instill transparency & organization.



Post our interaction with each one of the start-ups, we went to attend the talk where GIEOM spoke about their flagship AI solution for banking sector. The event was ended on a yummy note, with tea and snacks.

The Success

The past 6 months have been quiet eventful for the start-ups, Perpule won the semi-final round of Next Money FintechFinals ‘17, and raised a seed funding of $650K from Kalaari Capital, S2Pay and Gieom onboarded multiple new clients, FintechLabs & Paymatrix expanded their services portfolio while Pally evolved in its product idea and expanded its team.


Axis Bank & start-ups

Axis Bank has always been keen on adoption of technology in its systems and solutions. Besides the Accelerator start-ups, Bank, with the Thought Factory team, has been working with other upcoming start-ups too. With Active AI(a Singapore based start-up specializing in AI stack), Bank is building a chatbot. The bot will be able to provide speedy redress of customer queries via chat. Another interesting solution is AI based video-surveillance, which the Thought Factory team is working for with Uncanny Vision. If successful, the solution has potential of removing any manual intervention in surveillance.

Axis Bank’s innovation team is working on recruitment of start-ups for the second cohort of the  Accelerator. For a much quicker implementation Bank is also developing a Development Platform – a sandbox environment of its APIs, which can be used by start-ups for a quick plug-n- play.

To know more about Axis bank & Thought Factory, go HERE.

Photographs courtesy : Akhil Khatri of AlmostSocial





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Hope you all had a Merry Merry Christmas. All the generous servings of plum cakes and wine and cheese comes to an end. Few more days and we will be in 2017..!!

This is from a shoot I did with The B Clothing. They have some really cool waist coats, dresses and clutches in quirky prints, that too in peppy colors. If you like anything from the pictures below, order them HERE.

Not much to say today because pictures speak louder than words. Hope you enjoy the styling….
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See you next year…

Let’s face it, to nail the selfie game like Kim Kardashian is no joke.  When my highlighter is on point or when I am wearing my favorite earrings or a cute top, I want to post the picture on my social media and share it with all of you. Sharing is caring, right ?  As much as I love to get that ‘perfect’ selfie, It takes some effort to get the angle, light and my nose right. But over the time, I have improved.  So I am going to share a few tips and points on how to get the perfect selfie. 



Get your best angle

We are all humans and our faces are not always symmetrical. So it helps to have figured out which is your better side. All you need is some practice, click a couple of selfies and then decide. I wear a nose pin and I love to flaunt it, so I mostly choose my left side. But, when I want to flaunt my highlighter or earrings, I choose my right side, because my hair has a right side partition. You know what I mean, right ?  Also, the camera at a higher angle, will make the eyes look bigger.



Get the best light

The difference between a selfie and ‘good’ selfie is, lighting. Poor lighting does not make the best selfies and unfortunately we do not always have natural light. So what to do when you want to click the selfies in the night? Vivo V5 phone comes with the first ever Moon Light feature which creates the lighting effects of a professional photography studio, giving you the soft radiant complexion of a supermodel for a beautiful picture-perfect image every time. Now you can look good and capture your precious moments, even in the night. 


The front camera

Did you guys know that the front camera of a cell phone is of a lower resolution compared to the back one? This is one of the reasons I want to avoid the front camera, but cannot, because I do not get the desired angle with the back one! Finally there is a solution. Vivo V5 has the first ever 20 Megapixel front camera which creates powerful high resolution images featuring extraordinary clarity and vivid natural colors with every selfie, so you always look your best. I mean how amazing is that! Now you do not have to choose between your angle and the clarity. 

The perfect filter for Flawless skin

If Kim can do it, so can you darling! She might have the best make-up artists and dermatalogists but, a good filter can do better! Vivo has dedicated years of persistent effort to perfecting smartphone photography, and now your V5’s camera knows every beauty secret. With every image, Face Beauty Mode software will make you look radiantand flawless in the most natural manner. Need I say more ? 


Focus on one feature

No, I am not saying that you cannot focus on everything. But the picture is more interesting when a single feature is enhanced. Got the big lashes? Lift the phone higher. A purple lip ? Then focus on the lips. That cute neck piece? Then focus on the neck. It’s these simple tricks which will do wonder to your pictures. 




These are few basic tips that I follow and hope these are useful. Let me know which is your favorite tip or describe your  favorite pose or share your top tip in the comment box below. And if you are searching for a phone which has cool features and is also selfie friendly, do give Vivo V5  a try .  You can read more about the specifications and features HERE.

P.S. – Did you guys know that there is a frikking National Selfie Day in America !




Having a pet makes you realize the importance of a green Diwali. Though I cannot change my past, when I burst tons of crackers (not a proud moment), I am happy that I do not add pollution anymore! I love Boomer- my healthy, very handsome black Labrador, more than anything in the world and seeing him suffer every Diwali is not something I like. His sleepless nights and waking up to every cracker sound is a nightmare! He even tries to hide himself by putting his head under a table or my lap, hoping that the sound would go. Not only him but, I have seen stray dogs running around the streets looking for a safe place to hide. :-/

Can we please be more kind to these innocent furry friends and the environment and make this Diwali green ? Its about co-existence and together we CAN make a difference. Let’s light lamps and not crackers, lets spread love and not pollution! 🙂


Now coming back to the post, we did a shoot in collaboration with a luxury e-commerce app based store Zapyle. A perfect place where you can get brand new as well as pre-loved luxury pieces. I wasn’t kidding when I had mentioned in my previous posts that I LOVE Indian outfits! I love the way they give me a royal, princess-y feel. 😀 So when I was given a choice, I went for a heavy Lehenga set. Black is my favorite color and ever since Boomer came into my life, the love for that color grew deeper and deeper. The moment I saw the lehenga it almost felt like Black-magic. Rich and intricate bead-work on the lehenga, the net dupatta which looks absolutely stunning against skin color and the gorgeous slightly off-shoulder blouse makes it top on the current list of hot-trends. I did make you fall in love with this pre-loved beauty, din’t I ? 😉

If you are interested in buying this gorgeous outfit then, head over to Zapyle. Not only this, they have tons of other outfits from different designers and I am sure you will find something that will suit your need just fine.















Hello there,

After receiving few questions on my Facebook and Instagram about my hair, I decided to write a review of the products I am using currently. 🙂 Someone who was very negligent with her hair when compared to skin, It was high time to incorporate some TLC for hair. 😛 So, here I am with star products from Tony&Guy which are nothing but perfect dose of nourishment for dry,damaged and frizzy hair.

About my hair:

Naturally wavy, slightly dry and extremely prone to frizz. Due to which, I either have a fabulous or a bad hair day, nothing in between. When in contact with humidity, my hair looks exactly like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when she went to Barbados. 😀


Tony&Guy serum drops:

Comes in 30ml transparent glass bottle which is quite sturdy and has a pump dispenser. Retails at Rs.650/- but, you can get it at discounted prices online. The serum is thick and transparent with an amazing mild fragrance.


I use 3-4 pumps of serum, rub it on my palms and apply it on damp hair. If you have longer hair than mine, you will need more product.



Pros of Tony&Guy serum drops:
  • Gets absorbed quickly into hair without making them oily
  • Controls frizz
  • Makes hair smooth, shiny & manageable
  • Gets rid of dry ends
  • My waves look much more defined, softer and no fly-away
  • Availability
Cons of Tony&Guy serum drops:
  • Glass packaging is not travel friendly.


Tony&Guy reconstruction mask:

Comes in a 200ml plastic tub with lid packaging. Retails at Rs.800/- but, you can get it at discounted prices online. The mask is thick and white in color and has a creamy consistency and a very mild fragrance.


I use 3-4 dollops of product and apply it on my damp shampooed hair, leaving hair roots. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and wash it off with water.


Pros of Tony&Guy hair construction mask:
  • Makes hair very very soft and smooth
  • Moisturizes hair without making them oily
  • Does not weigh the hair down
  • Controls frizz and no fly-away
  • Availability
Cons of Tony&Guy hair construction mask:
  • None

I am head over heels with Tony&Guy products. I have been using them for few weeks now and I love the way my hair feels and love the way they have transformed my locks. So, I would definitely re-purchase and recommend it to you guys. Try them out, you will not be disappointed. 🙂 I even use their hair protection mist which I will review soon. Need better proof ? check out the picture below. 😛


July 2016 vs October 2016