Happy 2017 you all…. A new year brings endless possibilities and I am so looking forward to 2017. I have had a bumpy 2016, but it’s all in the past. Here are the things I learned in 2016 and will be taking with me this year…!! And I am pinning down all of my favorite outfits of 2016!

1-  You never know until you try: I always always believed in this. Be it trying out yoga, getting a bike or even starting a blog. Once you do it you will wish you had done it sooner!

2-  Red is MY color: Not gonna lie, the responses I get every time I upload a red outfit on my Instagram has only made me realize this! Before The Red Lip Rover happened, red was just another color but now I do agree that it is MY color.

3-  Never under estimate the power of exercise and a healthy diet: The results will speak for itself.

4-  I cannot live without a bike: I had a love-hate relationship with my Enfield so, after much contemplation, I sold it. And now it feels like something is missing in my life. Need.to.buy.a.bike.soon. #TheUniverse, I do believe in you.

5-  Always be nice to people : This, I am still learning. Damn you PMS !!

6-  Invest in a few good friends: I have always been a kind of girl who has only a handful of good friends rather than too many. And they are the ones who are with me not only in happiness but also in the difficult times. So when you find yours, hold on to them and do not let them go.

7-  Give time some time: This is a note to myself. Life is tough, so when things get difficult, don’t loose hope and just wait. It’s just a bad phase, it will pass.

8- Love is everything: When you find that one person you will be know why.

9- Save, save and save: This, Rohitt taught me. Last year when I was going through a tough time, it was my savings that helped me not loose my cool and I was still at peace. Well, almost!

10- Family over everything: Because they are the ones with you always, no matter what.

11-  Never leave your loved ones unattended: Chances are they will curl up next to you and you will wake up with drool on your face.

12- Do no harm, take no harm: Never ever ever let anyone put you down and always lift up those around you. We have only one life and we should live in peace and co-exist.

13- Bucket lists are stupid, goals are real: I don’t have a list, instead I have goals. And I want to accomplish them. My goal for this year is to set up a YouTube channel, what’s yours ?

14- Don’t take life so seriously, its not like you are going to get out alive: A little fun along the way never hurt anyone.

15- Turning 30 is awesome: You are not as clueless like you were in your 20’s and have accepted your weird-self just the way you are. You stop worrying about the stupid things, can smell a fake friendship a mile away and your home finally feels like a home and not like a dorm!

16-Forget what others think, do your own thing: Because in the end, it’s you that counts and everything else is irrelevant. If you are happy, just do it.

17-  Saree is the sexiest piece of clothing you can ever own: Scroll down for the proof.


Photography: Rohitt Sekaar

I hope you liked it. Do let me know which one is your favorite in the comment box below. Until next time…



Ho Ho Ho,

Hope you all had a Merry Merry Christmas. All the generous servings of plum cakes and wine and cheese comes to an end. Few more days and we will be in 2017..!!

This is from a shoot I did with The B Clothing. They have some really cool waist coats, dresses and clutches in quirky prints, that too in peppy colors. If you like anything from the pictures below, order them HERE.

Not much to say today because pictures speak louder than words. Hope you enjoy the styling….
Let me know which one is your favorite piece from this collection in the comment box below. And if you want to order you can get them HERE.
See you next year…


Having a pet makes you realize the importance of a green Diwali. Though I cannot change my past, when I burst tons of crackers (not a proud moment), I am happy that I do not add pollution anymore! I love Boomer- my healthy, very handsome black Labrador, more than anything in the world and seeing him suffer every Diwali is not something I like. His sleepless nights and waking up to every cracker sound is a nightmare! He even tries to hide himself by putting his head under a table or my lap, hoping that the sound would go. Not only him but, I have seen stray dogs running around the streets looking for a safe place to hide. :-/

Can we please be more kind to these innocent furry friends and the environment and make this Diwali green ? Its about co-existence and together we CAN make a difference. Let’s light lamps and not crackers, lets spread love and not pollution! 🙂


Now coming back to the post, we did a shoot in collaboration with a luxury e-commerce app based store Zapyle. A perfect place where you can get brand new as well as pre-loved luxury pieces. I wasn’t kidding when I had mentioned in my previous posts that I LOVE Indian outfits! I love the way they give me a royal, princess-y feel. 😀 So when I was given a choice, I went for a heavy Lehenga set. Black is my favorite color and ever since Boomer came into my life, the love for that color grew deeper and deeper. The moment I saw the lehenga it almost felt like Black-magic. Rich and intricate bead-work on the lehenga, the net dupatta which looks absolutely stunning against skin color and the gorgeous slightly off-shoulder blouse makes it top on the current list of hot-trends. I did make you fall in love with this pre-loved beauty, din’t I ? 😉

If you are interested in buying this gorgeous outfit then, head over to Zapyle. Not only this, they have tons of other outfits from different designers and I am sure you will find something that will suit your need just fine.















Hello there,

After receiving few questions on my Facebook and Instagram about my hair, I decided to write a review of the products I am using currently. 🙂 Someone who was very negligent with her hair when compared to skin, It was high time to incorporate some TLC for hair. 😛 So, here I am with star products from Tony&Guy which are nothing but perfect dose of nourishment for dry,damaged and frizzy hair.

About my hair:

Naturally wavy, slightly dry and extremely prone to frizz. Due to which, I either have a fabulous or a bad hair day, nothing in between. When in contact with humidity, my hair looks exactly like Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when she went to Barbados. 😀


Tony&Guy serum drops:

Comes in 30ml transparent glass bottle which is quite sturdy and has a pump dispenser. Retails at Rs.650/- but, you can get it at discounted prices online. The serum is thick and transparent with an amazing mild fragrance.


I use 3-4 pumps of serum, rub it on my palms and apply it on damp hair. If you have longer hair than mine, you will need more product.



Pros of Tony&Guy serum drops:
  • Gets absorbed quickly into hair without making them oily
  • Controls frizz
  • Makes hair smooth, shiny & manageable
  • Gets rid of dry ends
  • My waves look much more defined, softer and no fly-away
  • Availability
Cons of Tony&Guy serum drops:
  • Glass packaging is not travel friendly.


Tony&Guy reconstruction mask:

Comes in a 200ml plastic tub with lid packaging. Retails at Rs.800/- but, you can get it at discounted prices online. The mask is thick and white in color and has a creamy consistency and a very mild fragrance.


I use 3-4 dollops of product and apply it on my damp shampooed hair, leaving hair roots. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and wash it off with water.


Pros of Tony&Guy hair construction mask:
  • Makes hair very very soft and smooth
  • Moisturizes hair without making them oily
  • Does not weigh the hair down
  • Controls frizz and no fly-away
  • Availability
Cons of Tony&Guy hair construction mask:
  • None

I am head over heels with Tony&Guy products. I have been using them for few weeks now and I love the way my hair feels and love the way they have transformed my locks. So, I would definitely re-purchase and recommend it to you guys. Try them out, you will not be disappointed. 🙂 I even use their hair protection mist which I will review soon. Need better proof ? check out the picture below. 😛


July 2016 vs October 2016





While I prefer to keep my personal life ‘private’, once in a while, it’s good to break that rule. 🙂 Today is that day and I am going to share a personal story, So read on….

Many of you know that I am married but, not all of you know that it’s been 4 and a half years now. And this story is of one of our anniversaries. 🙂

In most couple it usually happens that the boy forgets the dates. But, the situation between the two of us is slightly different. As in, he is the one who remembers all the important dates. He even reminds me my friends’ birthdays. Yes, I love that quality in him. 😛

So, on one anniversary we were traveling to the Andamans. Tickets booked, hotels booked and we were set for our week long dose of sun, sea and salt! We reached, checked in to our hotel and were off to explore the islands. The first surprise I got was that he had enrolled us into a scuba diving course. 😀 Some people love luxury trips, some backpacking, for us it’s the adventure that gets us going.

I cannot forget the feeling of the first day when we jumped into the ocean, wearing wet suits and oxygen tanks. Heart beats faster, breaths get longer and deeper and I felt like I was jumping into infinity. It was quite scary and thrilling at the same time..!! But when you are underwater, there is certain kind of silence and calmness you feel. The world you see there is a different kind of experience altogether!

The last day of the course happened to be on our anniversary, which made it even more special. We spent the whole day underwater and after that dive and an exam later, we were certified open water divers. 🙂 We decided to celebrate it with a few cocktails and I went to the room to get dressed for the evening. When I entered, I saw a gift box on the table, with some flowers and a card saying ‘Happy Anniversary Sweetheart’. As I opened the box, there were a pair of beautiful diamond earrings which Rohith had got for me. We had a candlelight dinner at the beach and it was the perfect end to the perfect day…



The girl and her love for diamonds is forever. As cliche’ as it sounds, I felt really special when received those beautiful earrings. So if you also want to make your loved one feel special, here is your chance.  So check out the beautiful collection by Malabar Gold and Diamonds and surprise her.

Here is the link to their website : malabargoldanddiamonds.com

Also, watch this video by Malabar Gold and Diamonds of #KareenasAnniversarySurprise . 🙂