While I prefer to keep my personal life ‘private’, once in a while, it’s good to break that rule. 🙂 Today is that day and I am going to share a personal story, So read on….

Many of you know that I am married but, not all of you know that it’s been 4 and a half years now. And this story is of one of our anniversaries. 🙂

In most couple it usually happens that the boy forgets the dates. But, the situation between the two of us is slightly different. As in, he is the one who remembers all the important dates. He even reminds me my friends’ birthdays. Yes, I love that quality in him. 😛

So, on one anniversary we were traveling to the Andamans. Tickets booked, hotels booked and we were set for our week long dose of sun, sea and salt! We reached, checked in to our hotel and were off to explore the islands. The first surprise I got was that he had enrolled us into a scuba diving course. 😀 Some people love luxury trips, some backpacking, for us it’s the adventure that gets us going.

I cannot forget the feeling of the first day when we jumped into the ocean, wearing wet suits and oxygen tanks. Heart beats faster, breaths get longer and deeper and I felt like I was jumping into infinity. It was quite scary and thrilling at the same time..!! But when you are underwater, there is certain kind of silence and calmness you feel. The world you see there is a different kind of experience altogether!

The last day of the course happened to be on our anniversary, which made it even more special. We spent the whole day underwater and after that dive and an exam later, we were certified open water divers. 🙂 We decided to celebrate it with a few cocktails and I went to the room to get dressed for the evening. When I entered, I saw a gift box on the table, with some flowers and a card saying ‘Happy Anniversary Sweetheart’. As I opened the box, there were a pair of beautiful diamond earrings which Rohith had got for me. We had a candlelight dinner at the beach and it was the perfect end to the perfect day…



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