A year older and none wiser

December is my favorite month because it’s my birthday today… !!!  I always get WAY too excited about my birthday. The calls and messages from my friends and family, new outfits, yummy food, gifts and cakes. There is nothing in that I do not love. Also the days that involve wine and cake are the best ones. 

I started the day on a very high note. And if you have cake for breakfast, you know the day year is going to be the best one. Today’s plan involves nothing but food. And to keep up with the Christmas spirits, some good amount of red wine. I am going to put on my sexy shoes then head out. Hopefully, it’s going to be a good day. I ordered some skin care and make-up from Nykaa and I want to gift myself a bike, soon. Soon means, a few months because I need to manage my finances and apparently that’s what grown ups do.

To increase the happiness meter (yes, I have one), I am sharing my favorite look on my favorite day. These were shot during our road trip to the Rann of Kutch, that we visited a few weeks back. The trip was amazing and we came back with so many good memories and pictures.

The look was inspired by the place and it’s people. It’s my take on styling the white shirt, the Kutch-y way. I am crazy about the bohemian vibe so I incorporated it all in one. The skirt is an old favorite of mine and the clever idea to get a mirrored ‘toran’ and wear it as a belt is originally my mom’s. All the jewelry is bought over the years during my trips. Some are recently bought and some are more than a decade old.

Hope you enjoy what we created….

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